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Moving is already stressful. Moving to another country, especially overseas, can be a, overwhelming, daunting task. How do you ship your stuff? What kind of paperwork do you need? Who do you talk to? The questions, and the anxiety, can pile up.

When we took on moving the Eden Gallery, we understood what a precious task we were signing up for. A gallery is a complicated project, with good reason. 95% of the items we were moving were works of art: fragile, expensive, and in many cases, irreplaceable.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a woman in Battersea who was having extensive renovations done to her current home. In addition to renovations, she was also having an extension built.

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Corona Virus - COVIT 19

Corona Virus - COVIT 19 2020 / 03 / 13

We would like to reassure all our clients that despite the UK Government changes on its policy towards the corona virus we’re operating as normal.

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Best Commuter Towns, London: A Guide to Move Out of London

Best Commuter Towns, London: A Guide to Move Out of London

Top 7 Best Commuter Towns, London: A Guide to Move Out of London

Just because you work in London, doesn't mean you want to put up with the hustle and bustle of city life on the weekends. For a lot of people, a weekly commute is worth the peace they can enjoy on the weekend in one of London's commuter towns - especially when there's a family involved.

When you're looking for the best commuter town, London is surrounded by many prime locations. There are so many areas which have a lot going for them, so deciding on the best when moving house can be tough.

Best Places to Live in London

Best Places to Live in London

There are always going to be several variables to consider when deciding on the best place to live in London. However, for most people, the distance from the city centre will have a lot of sway in where they eventually settle.

Of course, there are other considerations, such as families and what there is to do in an area. Everyone prefers to live in a town with low crime rates, modern amenities, and convenient access to public transport. So, with all that in mind, here are some of the best places in London that we think are worthy of your consideration.