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Moving is already stressful. Moving to another country, especially overseas, can be a, overwhelming, daunting task. How do you ship your stuff? What kind of paperwork do you need? Who do you talk to? The questions, and the anxiety, can pile up.

When we took on moving the Eden Gallery, we understood what a precious task we were signing up for. A gallery is a complicated project, with good reason. 95% of the items we were moving were works of art: fragile, expensive, and in many cases, irreplaceable.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a woman in Battersea who was having extensive renovations done to her current home. In addition to renovations, she was also having an extension built.

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Assembling IKEA Furniture

Assembling IKEA Furniture 2018 / 03 / 15

The many years of experience we have assembling IKEA furniture give us an edge.

Most of IKEA’s furniture we have assembled it at least 10 times before, and that makes us more efficient and faster. Therefore, the time that takes for what a DIY enthusiast to complete a job, we can normally reduce by a half.

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